What Is a Foot Doctor Called?

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What is a podiatrist - Advanced Podiatry

Have you been in the market for a foot doctor but can’t figure out what foot doctors are called? Wonder no longer!

Foot doctors are more commonly known as podiatrists and they go through extensive, specialized training to earn that title. Similar to other doctors, podiatrists spend at least four years training in podiatric medical school, which is then followed by at least three years of residency at a hospital.

Even within the field of podiatry there are specializations, which include pediatric podiatry, diabetic care and sports medicine (typically for athletes), as well as podiatrists who focus primarily on foot surgeries.

Services Offered by Podiatrists

There are plenty of conditions that podiatrists are specifically trained to treat. All else being equal, podiatrists will generally be more qualified and experienced than a general practitioner, and even an orthopedist, if the condition is specific and exclusive to the foot, ankle, or lower leg.

Here are some of the most common and popular services offered by podiatrists:

Pain relief

If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your heel or foot, rest assured a podiatrist can figure out what’s actually wrong. Often there is something more serious than you might think. The earlier bone spurs, inflammation or other conditions are caught, the easier and less painful they will be to treat.

Calluses and corns

Most people have calluses and corns throughout their life, and most of the time they aren’t a problem. However, sometimes they can become so thick they lead to pain and pressure on the rest of your foot. Podiatrists can quickly and easily reduce or remove corns and calluses.

Fungus, warts and athlete’s foot

Fungus, warts and athlete’s foot are unpleasant and sometimes painful. However, the real problem is the risk of these conditions spreading to other parts of your leg or body. Podiatrists can put you on a treatment plan that eliminates the problem for good.

Tumors and inflammation

Feet and ankles sometimes develop tumors and inflammation. Regularly visiting your podiatrist can help identify these problems early and prevent them from getting worse.

If you’ve been thinking about having one of the services listed above but aren’t sure where to find a talented and reliable podiatrist, schedule an appointment at one of the convenient Advanced Podiatry locations in Ohio.


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