“I was having problems with my legs. They were very red and swollen. I made an appointment with Dr. Karnavas and she diagnosed it as cellulitis. She then advised me to get support hose and put me on Celebrex for medication. After complying with her instructions, I no longer am having any problem with my legs. She is an amazing doctor and knows her profession well. I will go back to her if I have any other problems. I would also recommend her to anyone having a problem with his or her feet, ankles, or legs.”


“I was having pain in my right foot. Dr. Ashdown examined my foot and ankle and gave me several injections to relieve the pain. These injections helped quite a bit, but still did not completely solve my problem. Dr. Ashdown recommended that I get foot Orthotics. I soon after was molded for the custom made Orthotics and began wearing them as soon as they came into the office. Now I have no pain in my feet at all. I feel the Orthotics was a complete success and I have Dr. Ashdown to thank for that! Dr. Ashdown is knowledgeable in the field of feet and understands how to resolve the problem. I would recommend him to anyone and already have told many about him.”


“Dr. Karnavas performed surgery on my foot for a bunion. She did the surgery on December 18, 2007 and I was able to return to work the following week. I had minimal pain throughout the whole experience. She and her staff called for follow-ups to see how I was doing and to make sure I did not need to see the doctor any earlier than my scheduled appointment. She is a marvelous doctor and still asks me every time I see her how my foot is doing. I only have to get my screws removed and I will have a beautiful foot due to Dr. Diana Karnavas.”


“I am a patient of Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers Inc. In January 2008 Dr. Karnavas repaired my ankle. I have been living with the pain of a previous ankle fracture with a loose fragment of bone and as it turned out severe arthritis. I could not walk for very long or stand without having excruciating pain. Dr. Karnavas along with Dr. Ashdown did an open repair of a distal fibular and talus fracture repair as well as repairing a disrupted ligament in my ankle. Since that repair, I am able to do a number of things I could not do for the longest time because of the pain. Thanks to their skill I am able to live a normal, pain free life and enjoy time with my family once again. Even with all the major reconstruction done to my ankle, the scar is barely visible. I would highly recommend Dr. Karnavas and Dr. Ashdown as surgeons to anyone needing foot and ankle surgery performed. As a matter of fact, my mother just had her foot operated on by Dr. Karnavas and is doing very well also.”


“During the winter of 07-08, I faced a possible (leg) amputation due to a very serious diabetic foot ulcer, complicated by a severe fracture of the calcaneus (heel bone) as well as a torn Achilles’ tendon.

“Because of Dr. Diana Karnavas’s persistence and excellent medical skills, the “unhealable” wound has healed; I am now mobile once again and can bear weight on the mended bone.

“Dr. Karnavas is a dedicated physician with an ability to communicate in a direct, open, and clear manner. She “tells it like it is”. Her diligence and knowledge during the months of treatment (which included several surgeries) are in no small part responsible for contributing to the quality of my life today.

“I believe that Dr. Karnavas is the most qualified podiatrist in this area.”