Living Pain Free

24491311_sImagine stepping into your everyday routine without the pains associated with problematic feet. Your feet are your foundation and when they’re not functioning properly: neither are you.

Are your feet bothering you? What about your ankles? Knees? Lower back? All of these are symptoms of problem feet.

At Advanced Podiatry, we strive to ensure you live a life that is pain free. We achieve this by treating the whole patient: not just their feet. We have relationships with physicians in many disciplines, as well as therapists, in-home wound care specialists, and prostheticists. We follow up with all of our patients to ensure their foot health needs are being addressed in the context of their overall health.


It’s All About You

Our doctors get to know their patients and treat their conditions in the context of their lives. For example, we wouldn’t

nail fungus cover

Our advanced product lines match your lifestyle.

recommend a foot surgery to a mother of young children that requires a down time of 6-months (if the surgery isn’t immediately needed). We understand that it would be extremely difficult if not impossible for the mother to stay off of her feet.

The products we carry are top-of-the-line. Ladies, are you embarrassed by toe nail fungus? We have medicated gels that work with your nail polish so no one has to know!

Our services don’t stop there. When we examine your feet, we’ll be able to determine the style of shoe that will be most beneficial for your feet. This is especially important for patients prone to foot ailments, athletes, and children.


Children’s Podiatry

Most pediatricians write off children with flat feet, “ah, they’ll grow out of it.” This most certainly is not always the case. The earlier we identify the problem, the less problem your child will suffer later in life.
Come see us, especially if your child is complaining of foot pain.