Wound Care

There are a number of conditions can cause chronic wounds of the feet. Some common conditions that increase the risk of foot wounds include: Diabetes Mellitus, Venous Stasis, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, and Chronic Renal Failure.

Our physicians at Advanced Podiatry are certified in wound care treatment. After a 14 year affiliation with St. Joseph Hospital Wound Care Center, we now have our own wound care clinic providing affordable and effective patient services, decreased co-pay, and the most experienced wound care physicians in the tri-county area.

We have many wound care services available, including:

  • Wound assessment
  • Debridement (cleaning out) dead or infected tissue from your wound
  • Prescription antibiotics to fight any infection that is identified
  • Topical medications and dressings to facilitate tissue repair
  • Orthotics or mobility devices to help take pressure off a chronic wound

We can also arrange for in-home wound care (debridement, dressing changes, etc.) with qualified providers.