Emergency Treatment

Foot and ankle injuries frequently lead people to the emergency room for treatment. Sprains, broken bones, dislocations, lacerations, infections, and other injuries are common and require early diagnosis and treatment. However, you can avoid the high costs and wait times of an emergency room visit by seeing a podiatrist to diagnose and treat your foot or ankle injury.

At Advanced Podiatry, we offer same day appointments and emergency services to diagnose and treat your foot or ankle injury. We have an in-house X-ray to immediately determine the problem and the expertise to get you back on your feet.


There are steps that you can take to help your injury until you see your podiatric physician. Just remember the work “rice.”

Rest. Restrict your activity and stay off your foot/ankle.

Ice. Place a plastic bag of ice wrapped in a towel on the injured area in a cycle of 20-minute-on, 40-minute-off.

Compression. Wrap an Ace bandage around the area. Take care not to wrap the bandage too tightly.

Elevation. Sit in a position that allows you to elevate the foot/ankle higher than your waist. This helps reduce swelling and pain.