Chronic Ankle Sprain

Chronic ankle sprain is an old injury that doesn’t heal properly, leading to re-injury of weakened tissues.

Ankle sprains are the likely result of a hard fall or blow to the ankle joint. Sometimes when people, especially athletes, injure their ankle, they don’t think it’s a big deal and do not seek medical attention. This can lead to chronic pain down the road.

Early treatment of an ankle injury can prevent prolonged pain later in life. If you are an athlete, it’s important that you properly heal the injured area so you can continue to preform to the best of your ability. Without proper healing, this could lead to a more severe injury over time.

Symptoms associated with peroneal tendon injuries can include:

  • •Ankle pain that is not responding to treatment
  • •Swelling and tenderness around the outside of the ankle
  • •Pain behind the anklebone
  • •Pain that transmits from the ankle down into the foot
chronic ankle sprain

Chronic ankle sprain can be painful in these areas


Depending on the severity of the injury or chronic pain, surgery may be required. A variety of common treatments include ice, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and other common injury treatments.