Stress Fracture

Stress fractures are breaks that can develop in the foot over time after repeated injury or stress to the bone. Stress fractures can occur in any of the bones of the lower leg and foot. The most common locations in the feet are in the long bones (metatarsal stress fractures) and in the heel bone (calcaneus), usually behind or below the subtalar joint (where the talus bone in the ankle meets the heel bone). You may feel pain during extend activities and when you touch the injured area.

Stress fractures are a common foot injury in athletes. Those who do activities that put a lot of pressure on their feet, such as runners and dancers, are at particular risk.

Stress fractures often begin with minor, localized, pain or even a feeling of weakness in the affected area. The pain is usually worse with activity and gets better with rest. Left untreated, the pain develops into a constant ache and will escalate from there.

If you suspect you have a stress fracture you should immediately stop activities that cause pain and see a doctor. It is important to rest your foot, and elevating it can help decrease swelling and pain. You can also take an over the counter NSAID for the pain.

stress fracture

An x-ray will determine whether or not you have a stress fracture