Wound Care

When you have wound on your foot, you can save money by visiting our office instead of going to an emergency room or medical center. Our doctors are foot wound care specialists and with operating rooms available at most of our locations, we are able to accommodate those who need outpatient surgical treatment in-house.

The primary purpose to medical care for foot wounds is to prevent infection and loss of function.  Your feet are your foundation and when they’re not functioning properly: neither are you.


Diabetic Foot Wound Care

One of the most common diabetic foot wounds are foot ulcers. Foot ulcers are open sores or wounds typically located on the bottom of the feet. They’re the leading cause of foot amputations among diabetics. Several factors are attributed to foot ulcers such as obesity and insulin use.

For diabetics especially, wounds on the foot should be treated as soon as they are noticed to reduce the risk of infections. Ulcers that grow infection lead to amputation. You may not feel pain associated with ulcers and other types of diabetic foot wounds because many patients suffering from these conditions have lost the ability to feel pain in their feet.


When to See Us for Foot Wound Care

Assessing the function of your feet is an important part of the physical examination, this will help us determine the course of action to treat your wound. History is important to determine the circumstances of the injury (especially in those with preexisting medical conditions such as Diabetes).

•If you are concerned that your wound may require stitches

•If your wound is very dirty and cannot be easily cleaned

•If there is evidence of infection such as increased pain, swelling or puss.

*If the foot wound is due to significant force or trauma, if bleeding cannot be stopped even with persistent pressure and elevation, if the wound is caused by an animal bite you may need emergency medical services. Please go to your nearest emergency room.