Foot & Ankle Conditions

Normal Feet vs. Problem Feet

The foot is a complex structure that supports the rest of the body when we stand, and also enables us to walk, run, jump and navigate difficult terrain. Ideally, the foot should align directly beneath the leg, supporting the body in the same way a foundation supports a house. Sometimes our foundation needs some work so we can continue to support our bodies. Read more

Cavovarus Feet

Cavovarus feet describes a foot with a high arch that curves inward. This is problematic because a high arch is less efficient at absorbing shock and results in a person being a “heavy walker.” Read more

Flat Feet & Fallen Arches

Flat feet are hereditary and are caused by a muscle imbalance. Feet with, relaxed arches may bring on such problems as hammertoes and bunions; arch, foot, and leg fatigue; calf pain; and an overly tight heel cord (which makes the foot even flatter). Read more