Drs. Ashdown and Karnavas have over 50-years combined experience in podiatric medicine. Their level of personal care to their patients is un-matched in the tri-county area.

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Treating The Whole Patient

foot and ankle treatment

We’ll provide you the foot and ankle treatment needed to get back to your life!

As a family business, Advanced Podiatry’s patients range from the very young to the senior citizens. Drs. Ashdown and Karnavas strongly believe in treating the whole person, not just their feet.

Advanced Podiatry has relationships with physicians in many disciplines, as well as therapists, in-home wound care specialists, and prostheticists.

Our goal is to help our patients live pain free, healthy life.

We follow up with all of our patients to ensure their foot health needs are being addressed in the context of their overall health.


Understanding Your Condition

Advanced Podiatry strongly believes in patient education. We want our patients to first understand what causes their condition. Through printed materials and personal consultation, we make sure all of our patients’ questions are thoroughly answered. Then, we outline a detailed treatment protocol that shows the steps we’ll take to address their condition, and steps they must take to ensure a successful treatment. We also help our patients negotiate the confusing world of insurance. Learn more about our treatments by clicking here.


Patient Convenience

Over 70 percent of our procedures are performed in our in-house operatory on an outpatient basis, with patients able to return home after a brief recovery period. We have in-house X-ray and shock wave therapy capabilities, eliminating the need for patients to go to a separate facility.

Advanced Podiatry has its own wound care clinic and the most experienced wound care physicians in the tri-county area. We also carry over-the-counter orthotics, diabetic shoes and sandals, support hose, and a wide variety of foot care products.

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