4 Ways to Decrease Your Risk of Athlete’s Foot this Winter

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Athlete's Foot Winter Prevention Tips Advanced Podiatry Warren, OhioMany people think that athlete’s foot can only affect those who play sports. Other think you are only susceptible to a fungal infection in the summer when feet get hot and sweaty due to warmer temperatures. But athlete’s foot can actually affect anyone at any time of the year, including the winter. In fact, podiatrists often see an increased number of athlete’s foot cases as the weather grows colder due to the heavy shoes and boots we wear in the winter coupled with warm, thick socks.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to decrease your own risk of contracting this annoying and irritating fungal infection.

  1. Keep your feet clean

It is always important to keep your feet clean. Wash them with soap and water each morning and evening before putting on your shoes and socks and after taking them off. Be sure to get between the toes where athlete’s foot is most likely to develop.

  1. Avoid going barefoot in public places

You may be used to walking around barefoot in the gym shower and changing rooms, and of course even in your own house. But athlete’s foot can be easily passed from one person to another, and if one individual, even a family member, has contracted the fungus, you can risk catching it. Be wary in nail salons where you may get pedicures, hotel rooms, and any other place someone else might have been barefoot.

  1. Keep your feet dry

Sweaty feet are like a tropical paradise for the athlete’s foot fungus. Using talcum powder and changing your socks often can help prevent the fungus from developing.

  1. Wear the proper footwear

Footwear that is too tight, or boots that don’t do a good job of keeping out moisture from tromping through rain and snow will not serve your feet very well. Wear protective footwear that fits comfortably.

If you have any symptoms of athlete’s foot, such as dry, cracked skin, or an itching and burning sensation between your toes, contact Advanced Podiatry. Our podiatrists and staff are available at multiple, convenient locations throughout Ohio and are ready to ensure you get the treatment you need to stop the fungal infection from causing any additional foot problems.  Call to schedule an appointment today.