Your feet take you many places: Get there by Living Pain Free!

Our goal is to get you living pain free so you can go the places you want to go.

What We Do

We believe in patient-centered-care. We treat our patients like family. We’ve built relationships with a variety of specialists to do our best to ensure you can live pain free!

Our Mission

As a family business, Advanced Podiatry’s patients range from the very young to the senior citizens. Drs. Ashdown and Karnavas strongly believe in providing individualized and comprehensive care to each patient. Our mission is to get you living pain free!

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At Advanced Podiatry, we offer same day appointments and emergency services to diagnose and treat your foot or ankle injury. We have an in-house X-ray to immediately determine the problem and the expertise to get you back on your feet.

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Over 70 percent of our procedures are performed in our in-house operatory on an outpatient basis, with patients able to return home after a brief recovery period. Learn More